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An Important Event Is Postponed!

The postponning of the 10th anniversary of our organisation Artists for Humanity - ArtHum, which was previously planned as an arts-based and cultural week-long event from 19/12/2009 to 25/12/2009, is postponed. This is due to the death of our Administrator Mr. MAYALIWA ASSUMANI Isaac on 30/10/2009. This passing is a tragedy which has completely shaked our organisation.

As the large family of our regreted Administration has fixed the date of definitive end of mourning to 27/02/2010, this authomaticaly implies the posponing of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of ArtHum to another date which will be announced soon.

We are greateful to those who joined us during the funeral ceremonies on 31/10/1009 in Uvira, as well as to those who continue sharing this period of hardship alongside us.

For ArtHum

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  • Artists for Humanity, ArtHum
  • Telephone : +243810343785
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ArtHum is in the process of moving our office to a new location. We will post our new address as soon as we have finalized the move. Thank you for your patience.