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Mission Intervention Activities Partners Contacts Sitemap
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ArtHum offers to provide a framework of inter-community interest in the areas of intervention and using the activity supports described below:

Areas of intervention Activity supports

  • conflict prevention and transformation
  • counseling, research, consultation and training
  • culture and arts
  • research, management, popularisation and support for peace initiatives (SIP)
  • hygiene and health
  • research in herbal medicine for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, health-related community activities and prophylactic campaign
  • leisure
  • counseling and technical support
  • inter-organisational synergy
  • Information exchanges and training within the network Forum for humanity (ForHum), humanitarian assistance to communities in distress
  • education on refugee children
  • school sponsorship and transcontinental penpals programme through RESPECT International

  • Since its creation in 1999, ArtHum worked hard to implement a range of activities promoting tolerance and reconciliation. A summary of these activities is available.

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    ArtHum is in the process of moving our office to a new location. We will post our new address as soon as we have finalized the move. Thank you for your patience.