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The specific objectives of ArtHum, centred around the conflicting context of the Great Lakes region and more specifically around the 'red zone' of the Democratic Republic of Congo, are stipulated in the association's statutes as follows:

  • To create guidance framework for young artistic talents in praising positive universal values;
  • To implement management structures for artists, peace architects or anybody fighting against racism in all its forms, through music, dance and choreography, theatre, circus art, cartoon and other artistic means of communication;
  • To accompany all initiatives for rapprochement, dialog and peaceful cohabitation of different communities;
  • To serve as a springboard for the idle and bewildered youth with the perspective of social integration;
  • To establish communication between the populations in distress and the media, the government and the (humanitarian) international organisations.
  • Promote respect for human dignity.

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ArtHum is in the process of moving our office to a new location. We will post our new address as soon as we have finalized the move. Thank you for your patience.